To-Read sites 4.0

I’ve just uploaded new version of To-Read sites extension into Opera Extensions portal.

By now extension is awaiting moderation and it should be available after 1st of January.


New version brings:

1. Sites synchronization which enables you share sites between many browsers.

I used Opera Link JS Api (thanks  Joel) to synchronize sites so all you need is My Opera account.


2. Turkish translation (thanks to Samet from


All we need is to wait for moderation to be complete 🙂

Find To-Read sites on Opera Extensions portal.





  1. Michał Borek

    Charlie, thanks for your comment.

    Of course it is possible but I guess it won’t popular, because BibTex is rather used by academic environment which is quite small (in comparison to all users).

    You can create it by yourself, because extension is based on Open Source license and may be modified without any restrictions.

    I do not want to add it to my extension, because what is the most important for me is simplicity, I do not want to make it full-of-options extension because many users may get confused using it.

  2. Michał Borek

    Eileen. I’m using it on Opera 12.12 on Windows 7 and everything works fine. There must be other reason of behaving like that. Please ask Opera guys, because I cannot do anything with this even if I would try hard.

    If it is a bug it’s very important one, because it crashes Opera. Opera staff should be interested in fixing it 🙂

  3. Nie wiem dlaczego zniknęły mi wszystkie strony – 731!!! Wcześniej miałam ten problem, ale dlatego, że wyczyściłam historię przeglądarki, tym razem wyłączyłam komputer i po włączeniu już ich nie było… Jest jakaś szansa, żeby je odzyskać? To dla mnie bardzo ważne

  4. Michael, I continue to rely on your nicely done extension, but did run into a big problem recently (also posted at the reported problems link).

    I regularly save the To-read list, which allows transport to other installs or reinstalls, whether Win 7×32 or Win 8×64. However, last weekend, after importing one of those saves for the first time with 12.15 x64, the drop down stopped holding. The first try it shows briefly and then disappears, but after that it doesn’t even drop down. The only way around the problem is to uninstall/reinstall the extension and recreate the list manually from the saved file (with 40 or more items, it’s a bit tedious…). When this first occurred, I uninstalled Opera and tried clean installs (I have two installs), but that didn’t solve it. Not sure what’s going on or why.

  5. Michał Borek

    Hi Gene,
    I’ll try to look at it on weekend. I hope I’ll find solution.

  6. Hello,Michał Borek!
    I’ve uploaded “To-read sites” and very glad that I found it. Thank you for this programm. Please add hotkey for moving choosen links at “TRS”. Thnks one more time!

  7. Michal – Thanks for your good and quite invaluable extension! Is a version for Opera 15 coming soon?

  8. Michał Borek

    Thanks for using it. We’ll see. I’ll have more time soon so I take a look on the extension.

  9. Michał Borek

    I’m going to convert the extension, but there are temporary (I hope) problems at Opera site with conversion. Please be patient 🙂

  10. Opera 15 – usuwanie stron nie działa, tak samo czyszczenie odwiedzonych, przy importowanych zakładkach (importowały się z dziwnymi znakami).

  11. Michał Borek

    Wiem. Jednak konwersja nie jest taka bezproblemowa jak piszą. Postaram się to szybko naprawić.

  12. Hello! Thank you for the program! Could you please tell me, where I can find the contents of To-Read so that I can restore them after a re-installation of Opera? I have already re-installed Opera, and I now can’t find the old bookmarks of To-Read. Are there anywhere yet? Thank you!

  13. Michal,
    One thing that I would find helpful and don’t see is quick way to delete the current list so it can be replaced with an updated one. Right now the only way I see is either to delete the extension and reinstall, or to delete one by one (my lists work up to over 100 sometimes before getting pared down to 30-40). With multiple versions of Opera and two computers (desktop, laptop). Thanks,

  14. Hi Michal,

    great app. Have You been considering adding an option to organize bookmarks into folders?

  15. Michał Borek

    Thanks misio_jasio,
    To-Read sites is intended to be just simple to read later list, not an all-in-one widget so I don’t add features that would make it too heavy.


  16. Elias Fotinis

    Hi Michal and thank you for this great extension. I’ve been using it for quite some time and I love the simple, clean design.

    One issue I’ve encountered is that the list is a bit too narrow (making the truncated title/URL a bit cryptic sometimes). At first, I modified the CSS to make it wider, but I found a better way: just add a ‘title’ attribute to each item icon, containing the full title/URL. Here’s a patch:

    Note that double quotes need to be escaped in the title text and I’ve also added two linefeed chars to insert an empty line in the tooltip between the title and URL. I prefer putting the tooltip on the icon (instead of, for example, the DIV.desc) to prevent it from popping up unnecessarily when the cursor is hovering on the list text.

    You could add something like this in a future update if you want.

  17. Michał Borek

    Thanks Elias! I’m currently out of time but I’ll take a look at your patch and apply it.

  18. This works good on google chrome, please add this wonderful extension to chrome store.

  19. i love this addon but some webs cant be saved for read later, other addons can so may be it’s a bug?

  20. Michal – Thanks again for this great extension. Hope you’ll keep an eye on Vivaldi, the new browser by the ex-Opera CEO –

  21. Hi,

    Great extension. I have some functionality suggestions for you:
    + add an option for closing the tab which is added to the to-read-sites.
    + make it possible to move items up and down the list of the to-read-sites.

  22. Robert (HaQuEr)

    Witam serdecznie.
    Niezmiernie przydatna wtyczka odmówiła posłuszeństwa w wersji 32 Opery 🙁
    Coraz więcej osób (sądząc po komentarzach na karcie wtyczki) potwierdza występowanie problemu.
    Można liczyć na aktualizację i rozwiązanie problemu ze zgodnością z nową wersją ? Brakuje mi tej wtyczki (bardzo).

  23. Could you please fix To-Read sites ? I love this extension and have few important sites saved there 😥

  24. Michał Borek

    Jakiś czas temu ją naprawiłem, także powinno być ok.

  25. U mnie śmiga elegancko. Thanks for your work!