OMeasure! 2.0 – available soon

I’ve just uploaded new version of OMeasure! plugin.

New version brings possibility to resize measuring area and few visual improvements.

I’ve changed HTML5 Canvas drawing used in v.1.0 to DOM based one and it’s easier to make detailed result.

OMeasure! 2.0 in action

New version should be available shortly via Opera Addons page.

  1. Hi!

    First of all, it’s a nice tool, thanks for it!

    One suggestion:
    If you don’t set the width of “sizeDiv” and correct the value of whiteSpace rule to “nowrap” then Opera won’t display the horizontal scrollbar when you draw the (less then 300px wide) rectangle on the right side of the page. Of course the scrollbar will appear when the text is reaches the side.

    Hope I was understandable (my English is poor yet).

    But if I wasn’t:
    in omeasure.js
    remove line 19
    // = “300px”;

    change value to nowrap in line 36 = “nowrap”;

    It would be nice:
    – Dragging the drawn layer.
    – Ability to draw more then one layer (so if I want to make another object I press shift and click+move and the previous won’t disappear)
    – Removing a frame by double clicking on it

  2. Michał Borek

    Thanks a lot Deathamns!

    Yes, sizeDiv width is a bug which appeared during development.
    I’ll fix it in next version.

  3. Nice tool. But I’d like something added which at first seems a bit stupid. I’d like it to measure in units other than pixels.

    In my work, I often have to measure the space occupied by web articles and I do this in square centimetres. Now I know this is wrong and daft and that doing this is antithetical to web design, but it produces a result that is consistent. It’s wrong, but consistently wrong from month to month.

    Okay, so different monitors are different sizes and resolutions. But you could draw a small box and ask the user to measure it in order to convert the units. Hmm?

    Amazingly, no one else has a tool like that. I was on the verge of learning programming so I could make my own.

  4. Michał Borek

    kodabar: I’m gonna check that if it’s possible and if it would be convenient to use it (sometimes another option equals more confusion)


    Thanks, Michał. Whilst it would be a jolly useful function for a few users, I think you’re right and it may well confuse a lot of people just having it there.

    Anyway, have a look and see what you think. If you think it’s best to leave it out, I may try writing an extension myself. I’m just being lazy really.

  6. burak sezgin


    First of all, it’s a nice tool, thanks for it!
    just a little more intellectual develop on the ruler, angle, line, or writing Wish I could
    sample image: link down

  7. Witam !

    Proszę o sprawdzenie poprawności działania rozszerzenia OMeasure! pod Operą 11.10. U mnie nie uruchamia się.


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